Fashion and Nature Join Forces for Unusual Partnership

A commission said to represent a collaboration between two seemingly unrelated industries called for creative thinking. Marketing agency Tuxedo rose to the challenge and created a stunning natural space for a major fashion event.

According to Retail Design Blog, the Fashion & Design Festival and the Quebec Forest Industry Council teamed up after the Festival’s organisers chose wood from Quebec as the material that most closely symbolises Montreal fashion and design.

The subsequent representation of that union is the DESIGN/WOOD Terrace, a space within the Montreal Fashion and Design Festival in which festival-goers can seek peace and like minds. With almost 50 shows taking place during the four day spectacular, the presence of natural wood provides a peaceful, sustainable haven. Trees will be planted to replace those used for the project.

Quebec Forest Industry Council President and CEO André Tremblay says that the union is designed to highlight wood’s versatility and Quebecers’ affection for the material.