INSIDE Shortlist Features Australian Designers

The INSIDE: World Festival of Interiors awards programme is unique, in that it allows designers to give a live presentation of their work to judges. The teams compete in front of the judges and the winners are then eligible to win the World Interior of the Year award. Contestants include designers and architects. Inspirational speakers are also part of the festivities. The 2013 competition will have participants from over fifty countries.

Australian designers are featured in 9 out of the 12 categories. In the Shops category, Russell & George and Matt Gibson Architecture + Design will be featured. Other categories with Australian designers include Education, Transport, Health, Offices, Bars and Restaurants, and Creative re-use.

Attendees appreciate the event because it gives them the chance to see what other designs are out there. Besides the free press, clients are also in the audience watching the proceedings. It also gives them the opportunity to see the future of design and what is happening on an international level.

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