Local and international brands, Didier, Rakumba and Punt feature in Indesign magazine Issue 69, May-July 2017.

INDE. Awards Official 2017 Shortlist was announced. Under 'The Object' category the GELAVA sofa armchair by Didier and the PYLITE, designed by Dan Treacy for Rakumba, were shortlisted amongst eight other products pg.41.

AMOR CORTESE, designed by Monica Armani for Punt a collection of unique, elegant sofas and chaise lounges, featuring a curved back of natural plywood in an oak or walnut finish with a base in solid wood, is advertised, pg.57.

ZUPELLO pendants andf the ELFIN stool by Didier feature in an article, titled 'Visual Marketing Is Important,' pg.74:

"Melbourne-based product and industrial designer Ross Didier is known for two things: quirky original design and even quirkier original visual marketing.

His collections span a portfolio of chairs, sofas, stools, rugs, tables, ottomans, lighting, storage and accessories, each inspired by seemingly un-design related influences including: classic fairytales and fables, Australian flora and fauna, culinary delights and event the physical attributes of a praying mantis.

Didier has - and continues to be - a pioneer for driving and demonstrating the value and importance of visual marketing in our industry. His artfully-curated concepts showcase the quality of his product, while cleverly packaged within the unique personality and language of his brand. His latest offering, the Zupello lighting collection, evokes memories of sweet Italian delicacies and pastries with three individual designs, shaped into sculpted canapes. Made from spun sculpted alloy, with solid brass detail, ceramic porcelain buld holder with a white or black covered copper electrical cord, the Zupello lighting designs are aimed to complement a wide range of residential interiors or commercial spaces.

Art directed by fellow Melbournian designer, Ben Edwards, the inspiration behind the shoot was to highlight the beautiful curved form of each of the three pendants - the thin edge almost making them appear ceramic - set within the theme of what looks like waitstaff, "serving" the designs as if they were part of some fine-dining experience. Additionally, Edwards and Didier wanted to provide an idea of the pendants size, scale and materiality, ultimately referencing the utilitarian nature of the product. To echo the culinary inspiration of the collection, the set was built from smashed plates and crockery, framed by an abstract boxing ring to reference the durability of the product. Didier's example of visual marketing is an increasingly symbolic and abstract one, serving as a strong reminder to our industry that the need to stand-out from a branding and identity perspective, has never been more important."

The WHISKEY chair and the MITIS table by Spanish brand, Punt, feature in an article, titled 'Go On - Have a Punt,' pg.80

"Look around you. Look at what you're wearing. Look at where you are. It all started with a single line. That line grew, attracted other lines and continued to evolve. And, in that conglomeration of lines lies an entire universe of imagination, inspiration, and visionary potential: a micro-history of our world, what it looks like, what it is, and what we've done for it.

And, that's the whole point - the point, that is, which lies at the beginning and end of each line. The point that demarcates the world history of design: what we do, how we do it, what it is.

'Punt.' From the Valencian dialect of Catalan, 'punt' means point. From the Valencian riverbanks of south-eastern Spain, 'punt' also means the infinite possibility of design. Because, since 1980, the Spanish brand PUNT (formerly Puntmobles) has understood that the whole point of design lies in the unexpected, the happy accidents and the chance discovery. Now available in Australia thanks to the team at Design Nation, Punt's portfolio of elegant, streamlined and exuberant designs embraces the innumerable possibilities for incorporating design into any space we might encounter.

Characteristically light and carrying sweeping vital lines, the entire range of Punt's furnishings celebrate "people: designers, clients, suppliers, friends and all the people who make this story of design possible through their individual efforts." You'll want to get to the 'punt,' as it were."