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ZEITRAUM IN MILAN 2015 Part 2 April 2015

In the spirit of Zeitraum celebrating their 25th anniversary, exciting new furniture designs were launched at the Milan Design Fair 2015 to great applause. With a genuine passion for timber and its inherent beauty and extensive knowledge of working with the material, true craftsmanship has always been at the heart of the Zeitraum brand. 

Design by: Läufer + Keichel

The design and shape of these solid timber NONOTO + NONOTO COMFORT chairs, available in oak or walnut with an upholstered seat option, have a refined sculptured simplicity. According to the designers: “NONOTO is a sculpture. It’s emblematic from all angles and engages the viewer emotionally. At the same time, NONOTO is a real chair. It cries out to be sat on with its perfectly balanced strength, weight and ultimate seating comfort. NONOTO has an unplugged design that is brought to life using cutting-edge CNC technology."

Available from October 2015. 

Design by: Aero Architekten

This stunning 3° REGAL shelving system is machined from solid timber and comes entirely without screws or glue joints. Three vertical supports repeatedly tapered to three degrees carry the horizontal elements. The vertical reiteration of the indentations along these supports allows for a flexible division of the horizontal elements. The shelving system is freely extendable in all directions.

Design by: Formstelle

The thought behind the designs is to create exciting spatial arrangements and build landscapes with upholstered components. Small seating units as well as large space-forming solutions can be combined. The system of upholstered furniture includes seating and back modules as well as the ancillary occasional table: SIDE COMFORT TABLE, made of solid timber.

Design by: Formstelle

In expanding the MORPH collection, two new stunning products were added to the range by Formstelle. The sculpted shell shape of the MORPH DUO LOUNGE and its soft, inviting appearance brings people closer together than ever before. A small two-seater provides comfort in the smallest space. It can be used as both a space-saving two-seater as well as in combination with the MORPH LOUNGE chair to create a different look within a room.

MORPH DUO DINING brings the comfort of a lounge together with a dining table. It’s a new type of furniture – the sofa for dining to relax, eat and socialise in.

Design by: Mathias Hahn

M11 is a versatile table. It’s attractive as a console table placed against the wall or as a small table in an eat-in kitchen. It is particularly appealing in the cafe and restaurant setting. The various formats of the M11 family of products make it universally applicable as a conference table by itself or together in groups. Even as a large dining table it is light and serene with a pleasant appearance and ample legroom. A small M11 table anchored to a larger unit quickly transforms into a longer table.

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